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Trackable is a dedicated team of industry and information technology professionals providing world-class tracking and IoT solutions.  Our administration, sales and marketing are operated from the United States and our development provided through our team in India, enabling robust solutions and aggressive pricing for our customers.
Our guiding and primary objective is ‘what is the best possible solution that can be provided for each customer’.  It is not about how much profit we make by minimizing our efforts, rather, it is about how we can maximize our efforts to produce the best results for our customers.  There is nothing more valuable to Trackable, or a better testament of our business, than the performance of our solutions for our customers, and the improved productivity and reduced costs that result.
With over 35 continuous years of experience and blue chip customers around the world, you too can trust Trackable with the advancement of your business.
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Our Team

Eric Collins

CEO and Customer Advocate

Business Administration and Philosophy degrees. My mission is to excel, to strive for continual learning and improvement…be the best. Nothing less. In the tracking and IoT business since 1988 with delivery of label printing and bar code tracking solutions, through development of rapidly configurable ‘COTS’ software supporting advanced RFID/Bluetooth/GSM/GPS tracking and security technologies. To assist customers with optimizing the design, implementation and support of the solutions we implement, to help our customers outperform their competitors and most successfully gain and retain customers. It is about the highest expectations and executing each and every effort to to achieve peak performance.

Juan-Pablo Gacharna

Digital Marketing and Latin America Business

BSBA and Digital Media Design degrees. English / Spanish bi-lingual. Juan-Pablo’s professional focus lies at the confluence of marketing and design. Advertising, digital media, and internet strategies naturally follow. This synergy typically leads to higher conversion rates and brand loyalty. Extensive hands-on experience with many multi-national clients such as Mobil, Pfizer, Purina, Herman Miller, Coca Cola and many more. Juan-Pablo also serves as lead executive for Trackable’s business in Mexico, Central America, South America and Spain.

Ranjeev Singh

Chief Technology Officer

B.E. - Electronics and Communications degree.
Technology Leader & Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience including Industry 4.0 and the IoT domains. Responsible for creating and building solutions/architectures for various projects/products, product ideation, product conceptualization, defining product roadmap, designing implementation strategy and ensuring implementation completion. Ranjeev also supports Trackable’s sales team with scoping project opportunities and he coordinates technical content for the proposals that B.E. - Electronics and Communications degree.Trackable provides to its customers. He also is Technical Project Lead for all Trackable projects and the highest point of technical support escalation. Manages Trackable’s IT workforce.

Aditya Vermani

Chief Project Manager

B.Tech Electrical & Computer Engineering and MBA degrees. An experienced and innovative thought leader/entrepreneur with extensive expertise in domain and technologies of Digital Manufacturing and the IoT business for all business sectors. Has worked for over 20 years in Automation, IT and Analytics in Manufacturing and Infrastructure segment. Have handled leadership roles in technology, business development, project management and customer service. Aditya is also a gifted and dedicated project management expert, with project management certification from prestigious project management associations. Aditya manages the administration of the technical side of Trackable’s business, and is Chief Project Manager for the execution of the Trackable implementations for its customers.

Nilesh Raut

Senior Engineer

B.E. Electrical degree. Senior Engineer with 5 years of experience in Automation & Industry 4.0 domain. Responsibilities include the creation and building of solutions/architectures for various PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and testing software from beginning to completion of development. Nilesh is responsible for Industry 4.0 domain project execution, automation programing and software testing, and, Track & Trace products & solutions using QRCode, Barcode, RFID and long-range tracking technologies. Expertise includes for real-time production monitoring, digital asset Management, digital operations, and maintenance management systems.

Mark Ring, C.P.A.

Financial and Accounting Advisor

B.A - Accounting degree. Mark is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, with over 40 years of experience in the financial and accounting industries. He is the CEO of Hough & Company P.A. and oversees Trackable’s accounting, financial and taxation matters.

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Imed Koubaa

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