Track location and status of your assets

Asset Trackr™ is a turnkey software, tracking and security solution that delivers optimized asset awareness, availability and performance

Real-time visibility of assets, locations and statuses

Asset Trackr™ is a registry of facility and industrial assets that monitors asset assignments, locations, valuations, inspections, maintenance, warranty and insurance statuses.

Digitize asset management

Asset Trackr™ maps your entire operation for optimized asset accountability and utilization

Predictive analytics and task management

Asset Trackr™ utilizes historical data to predict future asset behavior to maximize asset performance metrics

The Trackable™ Platform


Collaborative assessment and requirements analysis for solution design.

Sensors and tags capture operational data and push it to Trackr™ software.

Create a digital map of your resources to ignite optimized productivity.

Location and situational awareness for inspired management.


Reach your company's full potential by maximizing resource utilization.

The information you need, when you need it

Asset Trackr™ is a powerful tracking platform available at your fingertips via phones, tablets, computers and consoles. Asset Trackr™ provides layers of knowledge and understanding about all of your objects, people and processes...tailored to the information most important to your enterprise.

Turn-key asset management

You need to know the location and status of your assets at all times, and to utilize your assets for maximum productivity and reliability.  You must factor in extensive financial, depreciation, valuations and reporting related to your assets.  We understand.  Trust Asset Trackr™ to deliver optimized asset management for your organization.

Worldwide Turnkey Solutions

An innovative, world-class asset management system gains the attention of local ICT and tracking companies worldwide.  And Trackable™ understands the importance of local support.  Trackable™ leverages our 1,000+ local agents around the globe to make sure that your needs are addressed with silk gloves.  And that you have local support throughout your project’s execution and the ongoing support that you require…on the ground…a local resource dedicated to your requirements.

The tracking technologies right for you

Asset management includes at its core: “Where are my assets right now…what is deployable…which are underutilized”.  Asset Trackr™ monitors all movements and uses of your assets, so that you can manage assets real-time, and, get the reporting that you require for continual optimization of asset readiness and utilization.

The One-Stop Asset Tracking and Management Solution

Stay in the driver’s seat with Asset Trackr™

DBMS and Android/iOS Mobile Apps to digitalize maintenance management activities like Checklist Management, Trips/Rounds, PM/BM Task management, alerts & notifications and Calibration & Inspection tasks.

Asset maintenance management

Run time, Periodic & Condition Based Maintenance Management Solution which helps you to plan maintenance, view history, view real-time remaining run hours before maintenance and condition-based monitoring for early alerts and warning to ensure that your assets are maintained right and ready for action.

Asset track, trace and find with Asset Trackr™

Asset Trackr™ database shows you the locations of all of your assets, right now.  To keep the database fresh, periodically inventory assets that are moving around in-circulation and to validate fixed, long-term asset assignments. Scan assets with mobile scanner to inventory, inspect and find needed assets.

Manage utilities usage and reduce waste

Asset Trackr™’s energy management platform delivers you the data that you need to ensure that your organization is efficient in utilities consumption and cost reductions.  By category, YTD expenditures, comparison to prior time periods and against output, and, trends at plant, division and application level.

Ongoing support

In addition to Trackable’s direct support, you will also receive full service locally from Trackable’s local distributor.  The best of both worlds:  Trackable’s world class expertise and your dedicated local Trackr support agent.

We keep your staff fully capable and your system running smoothly and delivering the results that you expect.


If it’s an asset, it’s trackable

Out-of-the-box, rapidly configurable asset management system

Establish inventory of existing assets (asset census)

Evaluate existing asset tags and tracking technology and recommend state-of-the-art tracking technology (RFID etc.).

Determine other sources of asset data, such as databases, spreadsheets, registry books and the like.

Configure Asset Management Software according to the asset data fields, components and component asset data fields, warranty information, maintenance information, technical specification of the asset, insurance information, inspection/calibration data, maintenance cycles and results and the like.

Implement the most effective and lowest cost tracking technology(s) for management of assets, such as bar coding, UHF RFID, Active RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi, UWB RFID, LoRa RFID, GSM and/or GPS.

Integrate security technologies if and as needed for transfer of custody and areas of travel of assets, such as restricted areas or facility exits, including alarms/flashing lights, email / SMS alerts and the like.

Establish database registry of all assets and all parameters of all assets.

Tag assets with tag-types and technology of choice and based on required detection performance.

Generate comprehensive reports and reporting of all aspects of assets, asset locations and asset statuses.

Financial management and reporting including costs, depreciation, currency, tax and regulatory requirements, by country, including valuations and final dispositions

You can count on Trackable's experience to track your assets

The Asset Trackr™ solution

Asset Trackr™ incorporates an understanding of your business, its needs and how to improve performance through software, tracking and IoT.  

Trackr™ seamlessly integrates with your backend databases and applications, with bi-directional data interchange.

Proven success.  Turn-key implementations.  Rigorous training.  Sustained ongoing support.  Your success is our only objective.

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