Personnel Tracking and Mustering

When tracking, safety and accountability of workers and visitors  becomes essential

Track and muster workers through utilization of short and long-range tracking technologies.

The information you need, when you need it

Personnel Trackr™ is a powerful tracking platform available at your fingertips via phones, tablets, computers and consoles. Personnel Trackr™ provides layers of knowledge and understanding about all of your objects, people and processes...tailored to the information most important to your enterprise.

The Trackable™ Platform



Cutting-edge sensors and tags, complemented by video, biometrics, eSignatures, alarms/flashing lights and other security technologies.


Real-time data integrated with your backend systems and database.


Collaborative implementation, training, support, reporting and analyics will ensure you regain logistical control in no time. 

Worldwide Turnkey Solutions

An innovative, world-class asset management system gains the attention of local ICT and tracking companies worldwide.  And Trackable™ understands the importance of local support.  Trackable™ leverages our 1,000+ local agents around the globe to make sure that your needs are addressed with silk gloves.  And that you have local support throughout your project’s execution and the ongoing support that you require…on the ground…a local resource dedicated to your requirements.

The tracking technologies right for you

Personnel management includes at its core: “Where are my assets right now…what is deployable…which are underutilized”.  Personnel Trackr™ monitors all movements and uses of your assets, so that you can manage assets real-time, and, get the reporting that you require for continual optimization of asset readiness and utilization.

The One-Stop Personnel Tracking and Management Solution

Know Workers On-Property and In-Building(s)

Utilize access control systems or UHF RFID for close-range tracking of worker(s) through gates and turnstiles or entering/exiting buildings.  Utilize UWB ‘Ultra-Wide-Band’ RFID for long-range, pinpoint accuracy of workers anywhere in-buildings.


Passively Track Workers Real-Time and Everywhere

Utilize Active or LoRa RFID or BLE (Bluetooth) technologies to passively track worker locations and movements from long distances of three+ (3+) miles.  Or utilize GSM or GPS technologies.  Passive tracking technologies do not depend on short-range antennas at entrance/exit points, long range scanners and tags track personnel going through doors, walls or windows or anywhere in-buildings or on-grounds.

Worker Safety

Long-Range personnel and motorized equipment tags and sensors (‘readers’/’gateways’/’interrogators’) identify worker locations and motorized equipment locations.  If a worker gets too close to motorized equipment, alarms and alerts are triggered.  Personnel tags can also monitor movement, heart-rate, temperature and other conditions to ensure worker safety at all times


Long-Range intelligent tags keep track of worker behavior and biometrics.  If a worker stops moving for ‘n’ time, if a tag identifies radiation or other hazardous emissions, if a worker’s heart rate or temperature is accelerated, or a security guard does not pass inspection stations at expected time intervals, the sensors communicate via phone messaging and via command-center software alerts that an abnormal event exists.



Standard Capabilities of Trackable’s Worker Tracking, Safety and Mustering Solution

Network, WiFi, Cellular and Cloud connectivity

Close-range access control systems and integration with existing access control systems for personnel location data.

Equip property and building entrance/exits with readers to detect personnel ID cards, biometrics, PIN # or other inputs to keep track of ‘who is on-property/off-property and in-building/out-of-building’.

Equip building interior doorways with access control capabilities and/or implement long-range ‘track people anywhere indoors’ technology for granular personnel location data.

Implement long-range technologies for real-time, anywhere tracking of staff, visitors, contractors, vehicles etc. on-premises and/or in-buildings indoors or outdoors.

See real-time muster reports of all people at all locations at a moment in time and each moment in time, including data display on networked or cloud-based computers and mobile devices.

Muster reports, ad hoc personnel validation and messaging are supported for mobile phones and tablets.

Equip company vehicles and motorized equipment with sensors and personnel with ID badges to alert drivers and workers when they have become too close in-proximity.

Monitor biometrics and external stimuli to identify when workers are under-duress and utilize location data to pinpoint the location of a ‘man-down’.


You can count on Trackable's experience to track your personnel

The Personnel Trackr™ solution

Personnel Trackr™ fundamentally incorporates an understanding of your business, its needs and how to improve performance through software, tracking and IoT.  

Personnel  Trackr™ seamlessly integrates with your backend databases and applications, with bi-directional data interchange.

Proven success.  Turn-key implementations.  Studious training.  Rigorous ongoing support.  Your success is our only objective.

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