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The Weapon Trackr™ Platform

If you strive for the best and most proven weapon management solution, Weapon Trackr™ is the right choice. Weapons Trackr™ provides comprehensive armory and warehouse management of weapons, gear, ammo, parts, cases, cartons and personnel.

Leading the weapon tracking industry since 2007

The information you need, when you need it

Weapon Trackr™ is your command center for comprehensive, real-time awareness of the locations and statuses of all of your weapons, gear and ammo, empowered by RFID, long-range and GSM/GPS tracking technologies

Computerized weapons, gear, ammo and officer registration

Enter data, photos and fingerprints defining weapons, gear, ammo and officers to Weapon Trackr™ software.  Register post-requirements, officer weapon assignments and officer weapon certifications.

Officer authentication

To initiate the Weapon Transfer process, start with authenticating the person that is to receive weapons, prior to transfer-of-custody.  Validate officer through data and photos in Weapon Trackr™, and authenticate officers by fingerprint or PIN #.

Armories/storerooms, depots and warehouses can also be fully, quickly and easily inventoried ad-hoc, for confirmation of weapon, gear and ammo data and accountability

Weapon/gear/ammo transfers and returns

Utilize kiosks, laptops or touch computers within armories or at Transfer-Return windows/doorways to input-by-software, scan barcodes or scan RFID tags to identify the weapons/gear/ammo being transferred or returned.

Validate transfer-of-custody

Capture electronic signature, biometrics or PIN # from the Officer being Transferred weapons, gear and ammo to validate their acceptance-of-custody.  Creates Weapons Trackr chain-of-custody record showing signature, fingerprint or PIN# along with issuing officer and receiving officer data and with time/date stamp.

Armory and warehouse inventories

Weapon Trackr™ supports the use of mobile RFID scanners with Smartphone interface to rapidly scan weapons, gear, ammo and containers in storage within the armory or storeroom from distances up to 20’ to validate the locations of all weapons, gear and ammo after each work shift turnover.  

Armories/storerooms, depots and warehouses can also be fully, quickly and easily inventoried ad-hoc, for confirmation of weapon, gear and ammo data and accountability.

Tagging and tracking technologies

Weapons, gear, ammo, parts, cases and containers

1D-2D barcodes and
QR Codes

Place poly or metal barcodes on weapons, gear and ammo for fast and accurate tracking of Transfers and Returns.

Use pistol grip barcode scanners at computers within armories and hands-free barcode scanners at issue-return windows and doorways.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID chips are placed within sidearm and longarm grips for passive weapon, gear and ammo tracking at time of issue or return.  By simply passing the objects through a transfer-return window or walking through a doorway tracks the weapons, gear and ammo without armorer effort.


Weapon Trackr supports revolutionary weapon tags that include BLE for tracking weapons in and out of armories and warehouses, and GSM and GPS to track weapons worldwide and real-time.  Our tag also sends alerts to Weapon Trackr command center software if a weapon is fired, or, separated from the officer-of-custody.

Armory management best-practices, efficiency and accountability

More Weapon Trackr™ features out-of-the-box

Weapon inspections, cleanings and test firings

Weapon Trackr keeps track of when each weapon requires scheduled inspection or cleaning, and captures event data detailing the inspection or cleaning event results.  Also monitors test firings for training or certification purposes, and results of test firing events.

Weapon maintenance and repairs

Weapon Trackr keeps track of when weapons are due for maintenance and tracks weapon repair events.

Captures officer depositing weapon, officer receiving the weapon, officer repairing the weapon, expected disposition, parts used, start time, end time and actual disposition.

Manage officer weapon certifications

Weapon Trackr™ includes each weapon-type that each officer has been certified to carry, the start and end date of each certification and triggers alerts when a certification is due for renewal.

When transferring weapons for security duty, Weapon Trackr alerts armorers when an officer’s certification has lapsed, preventing unauthorized weapon transfers.

Prevent unauthorized weapon removals

Install RFID antennas, alarm and flashing lightstack at armory and warehouse exits that are triggered if a weapon approaches an exit but has not been authorized for exiting the armory.

When a security event occurs, Weapon Trackr produces an historical audit trail event record and initiates software, email and SMS text alerts.

Track armaments, aircraft and watercraft

Register heavy weaponry with Weapon Trackr and manage weapon maintenance cycles.  Utilize short range, long range and GSM/GPS tags for the real-time status and locations of all heavy armaments, vehicles, watercraft and aircraft.

Centralize military and police asset management with the Trackr software and technology platform designed for your exacting requirements.

Track and manage anything or anyone

– Office and industrial assets
– Personnel, visitors and inmates
– Documents, files and archives
– Police evidence / seized property
Heavy armament, vehicles and vehicle assets
– Parts, tools and inventory
– Fire and EMS assets

The Trackr platform integrates management of unlimited object and people types within a single software deployment.

Locked down weapon accountability


Weapon Trackr systems include installation of RFID tags within both sidearm and longarm grips, so they are hidden from view.  The tags have been previously implemented and are tested to ensure that the most effective tag is selected for each weapon type, and that the tag does not interfere with magazines or the operation of the weapon.

The most common RFID weapon tag is 36.3mm x 10.9mm x 2.8mm (1.43” x 0.43” x 0.11”) and works for both sidearm and longarm grips.  However, there are many smaller sizes available, such as a round tag 6mm in diameter by 3.6mm tall (0.24” x 0.14”).

RFID tags can be produced in a color closely matching the color of a weapon, and the tags can also be placed on the exterior of a weapon.

No.  Weapon Trackr RFID weapon tags have been extensively tested on firing ranges and with ultrasonic and other weapon cleaning machines and processes to ensure that the tags continue to perform properly over time.

Yes.  A typical operating temperature range for a RFID tag is around -50° C to 85° C (-58° F to 185° F), with a temperature tolerance of -50° C to 185° C (-58° F to 365° F).

Yes you can, and we recommend that you should.  For the fastest and most accurate execution of Issue and Return transactions, all weapons, gear and ammo should be tagged with RFID and/or barcode.  When an object is tagged, it can be rapidly scanned with a USB barcode/RFID scanner, or passively detected at issue-return windows and doorways, eliminating the need for data entry or unintended data entry errors.  Weapon Trackr RFID and barcode tags have been successfully tested and optimized for an extensive array of gear and magazine types.

Over prior years, RFID tags were too high/tall to place on ammo and therefore  magazines were typically tagged with barcode.  However, the RFID tag industry keeps advancing and now RFID tags are available in flatter and smaller sizes than before possible.  For example, a typical ammo RFID tag is around 45mm x 5.6mm x 0.76mm (1.77” x O.22” x 0.03”).  The new ‘flat RFID tags’ can be placed onto magazines without interfering with the insertion of magazines or firing a weapon.

No.  RFID weapon tags have a maximum detection distance of approximately 6 M (20’) and an actual detection distance typically less than 4 M (10’).  As such, a bad actor would have to have breached perimeter security and be in very close visual range in order to get close enough to weapons/soldiers to detect a RFID tagged weapon.  

The primary methods for tracking weapons, gear and ammo during transfers and returns include:

– At a computer within an armory utilizing a pistol-grip style USB-connected RFID/Barcode scanner, requiring manual scanning.

– Place RFID antenna(s) at Transfer-Return windows and/or doorways to passively track RFID-tagged weapons, gear and ammo passively as they pass through the window, eliminating the need for manual scanning.  If any objects are barcoded, mount hands-free barcode scanner at the windows for fast scanning when transferring and returning.

– Place RFID antennas and motion sensors at doorways to passively track officers, weapons, gear and ammo as they enter the armory and exit the armory.

The first step required for transferring weapons to security personnel, is to authenticate personnel against the Weapons Trackr database, with the primary methods including:

-Security officer indicates to the armorer their name and/or ID # and armorer queries Weapons Trackr database to display photo and data about the officer.  If the armorer can authenticate the officer based on the software display photo and data, the armorer proceeds with the Transfer transaction.

  • -Security officer can be required to place their finger onto a fingerprint scanner, which triggers a Weapons Trackr software lookup to compare the fingerprint to the fingerprint images saved in Weapons Trackr.  If they match, the armorer continues with the Transfer transaction.

  • -A USB pin-pad or an electronic pin-pad and touch screen monitor can be utilized such that security officer enters their PIN # in order to be authenticated.

The final step required for validating the transfer of weapons to security officers, is to capture confirmation from the officer that they acknowledge and are approving the Transfer transaction details, and specifically the weapons, gear and ammo that they received.  The primary methods include:

– A serial # and description of each object being transferred display on a large, color electronic signature pad.  The officer reviews the data and if it is correct, signs the electronic signature pad to indicate receipt and acceptance of custody.  This event creates a record in the Weapons Trackr audit trail system, with link to signature, for future reference.

  • – A photo, serial # and description of each object being transferred on a touch computer monitor.  The receiving officer reviews the photos and data and if it is correct, enters their PIN # using an electronic pin-pad that is displayed on the monitor.  This creates a record in the weapons trackr audit trail history for future reference.

  • – A photo, serial # and description of each object being transferred on a touch computer monitor.  The receiving officer reviews the photos and data and if it is correct, places their fingerprint onto the fingerprint pad.  This creates a link in the weapons track audit trail history, including a link to the fingerprint that was captured at the time of the Transfer.

Yes.  RFID antennas can be placed at armory, depot and warehouse exits, along with a network-connected alarm/lightstack.  When a person approaches an exit, the RFID antennas detect the weapons in possession of the person.  If any of the weapon(s) have not been marked for ‘Authorized to Remove’ by an approved Weapon Trackr User/Armorer, then a loud alarm and flashing lights are triggered.  Multiple alarm/lightstacks can be triggered simultaneously, such as at the exit door, at a security office and/or at external vehicle gates.  Any unauthorized weapon removal event also triggers Weapons Trackr command center software alerts, and, email and SMS text alerts.

Weapons Trackr supports a unique weapon grip chip that supports GSM and GPS tracking.  Weapons are tracked real-time by GSM towers and satellite, and, show weapon locations on Google maps and via satellite photographic imagery.


The tracking chip that goes within weapon grips includes an ‘accelerometer’, which monitors motion.  When a shot or shots are fired, each round is detected and alert messages automatically transmit via SMS to the Weapons Trackr command center software.

The Weapons Trackr tracking system includes Bluetooth (BLE) tags for personnel.  When an officer is in-the-field, the personnel tag and the weapon tag are ‘paired’.  If the weapon becomes separated from the officer, an immediate alert transmits to the Weapons Trackr command center software.

You can count on Trackable's experience to track your assets

The Weapon Trackr™ solution

Weapon Trackr™ incorporates a deep understanding of military, police and security operations, and how to improve performance through best-practices, modern software, tracking and security technologies.

Trackr™ seamlessly integrates with your backend databases and applications, with bi-directional data interchange.

Proven success.  Turn-key implementations.  Comprehensive training.  Rigorous ongoing support.  Your success is our only objective.

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